Month: September 2014

We Take Full Responsibility…

Responsibility is a four-letter word in today’s culture.  No one wants to be held liable for someone else’s mistakes.  What about a mistake you were born into…perhaps sinful nature? Please read Matthew 27:24-25.  In these few verses, Pilate washes his hands from the matter of condemning Jesus.  The last line is paraphrased like this, “We will take responsibility for his… Read more →

Recipes and Such, & Ria’s Easy Shrimp Tacos!

Have you seen those recipe blogs with tons of pictures, and a long biography telling you the Wikipedia history of how it was created?  While all that’s nice and lovely, in today’s busy world, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” I read those blogs, usually from a Pinterest board, and scream “just show me the recipe already!!”, in my head of… Read more →

12 Baskets

Lately I have been hearing a lot about the epidemic of suicide throughout the nation and our world.  It utterly breaks my heart and as things get more overwhelming with economic instability, the shootings, and the utter destruction of families I am reminded of one thing.  We are never alone. A few years ago, I watched a message by one… Read more →