Month: December 2014

Get Yo Bible On!

If you want absolute VICTORY in your life, if you want God’s guidance, if you want love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, & self-control then you MUST get into the WORD OF GOD. PERIOD. I have ADD, and unlike most people I have actually been diagnosed.  That’s another blog topic for another day, but I let you know that… Read more →

If You’re Looking for Perfection..

You’ve come to the wrong place.  Especially if you know me, I am not always the sweetest, most delightful example of Jesus.  I have many flaws including; insecurity, impatience, control, etc.  I could go on forever.  However, there are also many things I have overcome in Jesus, one victory at a time.  I hope you are too! So as you’re reading… Read more →

Scarf Challenge Update!

Merry Christmastime to you! Okay, so I know it’s been a while since I challenged us all to give away scarves to men and women who are homeless.  I wanted to update you on my challenge. I’ve given away two scarves.  One was to a lady who was sitting in her wheelchair outside in 50-degree weather asking others for money.… Read more →