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Just some guidance on how to get closer to Him through prayer…..Happy Praying My Friends!

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Freedom is Not Free…

This image brings so many feelings to my heart about our country.  On this 2015 Veteran’s Day, I feel a little emotional about those who have sacrificed and fought on my behalf.  I believe that if just one person chooses to make a wrong or right decision, it creates a chain reaction that can alter the course of many lives.… Read more →

God, Are You Out There?

I don’t believe…. Recently, I heard those words from a friend of mine going through a rough time.  She said that she was raised in church and felt like she should believe, but just didn’t.  She was having several financial, health, and mental challenges and just felt hopeless.  I was a bit surprised when she called me as I haven’t… Read more →


Have you ever been in a storm that lasts a little too long?  And you sit by the edge of the sea and cry, when God, when? When will you come to my aid, when you restore the joy of my salvation?  Sometimes it comes from all directions, sickness, financial issues, depression, loss of a loved one, etc. I know… Read more →

The Little Foxes…

  ~Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard of love, for the grapevines are blossoming! Song of Solomon 2:15 The book of Song of Solomon is mostly about lovers who finally find each other and who openly profess their God-given love to each other.  I think it’s pretty interesting how God, in all of His… Read more →

Coward or Courageous?

In your life’s legacy do you want to be known as a Coward or Courageous? The bible has many cowardly people, such as Peter, Pilot, Judas, etc, but just as they helped Our Heavenly Father accomplish his purposes that is not the way I want to be known.  I’d rather be the Mary, or the woman who washed Jesus’ feet, or… Read more →