Freedom is Not Free…


This image brings so many feelings to my heart about our country.  On this 2015 Veteran’s Day, I feel a little emotional about those who have sacrificed and fought on my behalf.  I believe that if just one person chooses to make a wrong or right decision, it creates a chain reaction that can alter the course of many lives.

A few years ago, through the miraculous grace of God, I was able to finish my degree after 12 years.  The day of my graduation, I just happened to stumble on a picture of my grandmother’s tombstone with the birthdate showing.  I couldn’t believe it, but her birthday was almost 100 years to the date of my graduation.  I sat in awe of how her decision to immigrate to the US, made my life and everything I have accomplished an actuality.  Without her sacrificing her life and the life of my aunts and uncles, I might have never been born and would never have been the first in our family to graduate college.

If we truly reflect on all those who have come before us, then today and everyday we must show veterans our support.  If we did not have soliders deciding to fight, I truly believe the US would be a very different place.  I know there is a lot of chaos and financial turmoil in our society, but we still have it better than 95% of the known universe.  For those that mock the US military and those that we honor, I would just like to remind you that your freedom that you enjoy daily, isn’t free.  Even if you disagree with some of the ways we go about it, there are enemies out there, and freedom must be fought for.

This also reminds me of a another soldier who fought for our freedom, actually the most important solider there ever was.  His name is Jesus Christ.  From the time we were placed on this earth, there was a battle for our souls.  The enemy does not fight fair and used his tactics to tempt us to fall in the garden.  Instead of giving us what we deserve, which is death & punishment, God decided to enlist the best of the best to ransom all of mankind.  That is when Jesus fought for us, and did what we couldn’t do to bring about justice, love, mercy, and redemption.

So just take time today, to remember ALL of those who have fought for your freedom.  Give thanks, a cooked meal, a prayer, a salute, or whatever you can to show your gratitude today.  Don’t forget to also thank our heavenly Father for the freedom we enjoy in Christ.

~Without the sacrifice of the brave, no one would be free.

~Happy Veterans Day My Friends!

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