The Top 10 Websites & Resources I Love!

Hey Yall!

I haven’t really written a post lately, I think in this rapid day and age people seem to respond to video blogs more so that’s what I’ll be focused on.

One of my FAV things to do is to learn about something and share it with others in a way that impacts their lives.  So today I wanted to share some resources/people I love to learn from and listen to.

I hope their encouragement helps you as well!  The only way we grow is through knowledge.

  1.  Pastor Carlos Ramos –                                                         I am so incredibly blessed to be under the leadership of this man.  His sermons are powerful and yet you can hear the Father’s loving heart through the message.  He’s also super funny and might even bust out a little lord of the dance moves haha.  I have the privilege of attending in-person, but I know these online sermons will still bless you tremendously.  They are available in English & Spanish.
  2.  Fully Raw Kristina –

My dear friend Natalie introduced me to this chick when I was really sick.  I started learning some         of her recipes and eating more raw/vegan and it has truly impacted my health.  She makes it look         easy too!  You can also follow her on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook as well.

   3.  Bishop TD Jakes –

One of my all-time favorite men of God.  Bishop Jakes pulls things out of the word that will make         your head spin.  He is so anointed and his sermons are always what I need to hear at that                     moment.

4.  Gymra –

Since I am no longer working out at the gym, trying to save some cash, I now prefer biking and              home workouts.  This site has some of the best, home routines, using bodyweight, and recipes,            etc.  They also have tons of workouts so you’ll never get bored!

5.  Jentezen Franklin –

Pastor Jentezen is a man after God’s own heart.  In his sermons, you can feel the sincerity of his            passion for the word of God to help you in your everyday life.

6.  Andrew Wommack – 

He is one of the sermons I listen to weekly, typically I can’t wait till Mondays to hear his weekly              broadcasts.  He speaks a lot about declaring and believing in the power of God’s word and not              living defeated.

7.  Sandi Krakowski –

If you are ever feeling down in the dumps, Sandi is the lady you need to listen to.  She is an uber          successful business mogul who also happens to love the Lord.  She brightens up my day and                makes me a more expectant person.  You can watch her videos on Facebook and follow her on            Instagram.

8.  Autumn Miles –

Autumn is a super mommy and is about to have her own show on Word 100.7 fm here in Dallas.          She is very inspirational, prophetic, and very knowledgeable about the word of God.

9.  Paul Shepphard –

I just discovered Pastor Paul through a random YouTube podcast.  He is not only truthful and                relevant, but hilarious!! There is nothing I love more than a funny Pastor.  I think Jesus was                    probably cracking jokes with the disciples don’t you?

10.  Marcus & Joni Lamb – Daystar Christian Network

This dynamic duo created one of the largest Christian networks based on a simple obedient act           from God.  I love watching some of my favorite preachers on this network. I also like Table Talk             with Joni Lamb.  If you’re tired of trashy reality tv, then check out Daystar!.

I hope you enjoy these sites and grow from what you learn.  Remember to just keep the Bible and daily quiet time a priority, but also listen to these throughout the day to be strengthened and encouraged.

~Happy Listening My Friends!

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