What Would Freedom Be Like? Control Issues


Does this picture resonate with you like it does me?  It incites in me a feeling of being weightless and truly free to live life with no restraints, and nothing holding me back?

So what’s the key to this freedom?  If you’re like me, you’re still figuring this out.

One thing I have learned though, is that CONTROL is the death of FREEDOM.

First of all, our freedom from the chains of sin is to first accept Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour.  If you have done that, the next step is to continue and seek God so He will help you have victory over habitual sins.

A struggle I’ve had almost my entire life is one of CONTROL.  Control is rooted in fear.  Because I was so afraid to experience pain, or for things to go wrong, I would have to control everything and everyone around me.

So you don’t think you struggle with that huh?  Do you always have to have your way when going to a restaurant?  Do you overprepare and think obsessively ahead when going on a trip trying to plan every detail?  Do you keep people at a distance so you don’t risk the possibility of getting hurt?  Do you make decisions for others in your life that they are perfectly capable of making themselves?  Do you find it hard to recover emotionally when you don’t get your way? Do you have every drug or item imaginable in your purse or car just in case you might be in need?  Do you spy or snoop on loved ones just to make sure they are doing the right thing with their life?  Do you try to give unsolicited advice and push others your way?

If you answered yes to any of these, you might have control issues.  And guess what?  It’s OK. Now you know, and now you can deal with the root, which is FEAR.

So try to think about 3-5 controlling behaviors you’ve had and write down next to them, what your fear is regarding the situation.  A lot of times those who were abused as children, are the most controlling because they didn’t have that control when they were young to stop the abuse, so they want to control life now so they don’t suffer any more pain.

I had to deal with my control issues in the last few years because a lot of things have been taken from me.  I am normally an over-achiever (another control tendency), but in the last few years I have been laid off twice, lost a relationship I thought would be lead to marriage, and have lost my health due to a debilitating condition.

In praying and thinking about the situation I feel God has been telling me to remember who is in control.  That it is not MY STRENGTH that I had accomplished a lot when I was younger, it was HIS.  I came to a place of complete burnout because of trying to control situations around me, do too much, people please, and now I’m in a season of rest.

So I encourage you to really seek God about the areas you are exerting too much control and to let him take control.

One of the verses God keeps showing me during this time is, Psalm 46:10, BE STILL(meaning let go, be still in His presence), and KNOW(deep in your soul) that I AM GOD.  He is God, He is in control of your life and all situations that are plaguing you.  Just release your life into His hands, sit at His feet, and WATCH to see what HE will do!

Pray for me to be able to do this also, as I’m a work in progress, that I will also lay my burdens and my fears down.  I’ll be praying for you too.  It is in HIM, we will find the FREEDOM we see in the picture above.

So what will freedom look like to you?  Will it be giving your children room to make mistakes, even if they have to suffer negative consequences?  Will it be a lightness to your step now that so many worries and anxieties aren’t tormenting your mind?  Will it be improved relationships because people don’t fear your “opinion” of their life choices?  Will it be a smaller purse that doesn’t break your back?  Will it be the ability to go with the flow and enjoy experiences you might’ve never knew you liked?  Will it be a new, happy, FEARLESS child of God in you?

Remember, the things we try to control are like sand.  When you hold it in your hand it will stay there forever, but when you try to squeeze it, it all falls out.   Let go, and truly LET GOD….

~Happy Resting My Friends!

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